Map Tiles API

Do you need a visual representation of the real world and its road network on your (mobile) application or website?

The Kapsch Map Tiles offer a general-purpose street map displaying road networks across the globe. High zoom levels allow you to see entire continents up to individual streets. A wide range of Points of Interest is included, styled to indicate category, and filtered to only show the most relevant POIs at each zoom level.

Using Map Tiles allows you to:
  • Show the location of a fleet of vehicles
  • Display routes
  • Illustrate road usage and traffic flows
  • Highlight Points of Interest

Our Map Tiles are based on the Open Street Map road network - the most accurate, up-to-date, and feature-rich open-source geodata source, with over 1.5 million contributors across the world.

In addition, Map Tiles:
  • Are compatible with popular map rendering libraries such as Leaflet and OpenLayers.
  • Are provided as raster maps - pre-rendered on our side and provided in PNG format. The set of map tiles is assembled on the end-userĀ“s device.
  • Favor road network visualization and is especially suitable for logistic, traffic, or tolling use cases.

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Get started!

Base URL address:{z}/{x}/{y}.png?apikey=API_KEY
Leaflet is one of the javascript clients which enable your application to render the map tiles as on this page and more. Use standard HTTP GET calls to access the above endpoint.

Endpoint requires authentication. API_KEY needs to be provided to you by Kapsch TrafficCom. Please contact us for API usage conditions and to acquire your API_KEY. Usage of 'demo' API_KEY in examples on this page is not allowed for your productive systems.

Example of an HTML5 page where the tile server is used: