Geocoding API

geocoding_example A fast and customizable geocoding engine which provides appropriate coordinates for your search of settlements, addresses, or points of interest. The API results produce a set of waypoints related to given parameters. These waypoints include the name of the address and the location (containing the state, county, country code, country, street, house number, osm_key, and osm_value if available) related to the waypoint. Open Street Map is used as a basis for the geocoding API.
Bulgaria is currently supported. Additional regions or countries can be added upon request.

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Get started!

Base URL address:{region}/v2/locations
Use standard HTTP GET calls to access the above endpoint.
Endpoint requires authentication. API_KEY needs to be provided to you by Kapsch TrafficCom. Please contact us for API usage conditions and to acquire your API_KEY. Usage of 'demo' API_KEY in examples on this page is not allowed for your productive systems.

Following options can be used:

  • URL parameter "region" (required) - Region name where geo processing needs to take place.
  • URL parameter "lang" (required) - Language key in which we search and return values.
  • URL parameter "location_category" - Category of geocoding result we want to search for. If omitted combined search is made.
  • URL parameter "limit" - Max size of results in the response.
  • URL parameter "q" (required) - Full text search field.

Request example

Searching for text "Sofia" in the category of settlement. Use HTTP GET method:

JSON Response example